Tuesday, June 30, 2009

disappearing questions

As i listened to different people speak in the DS/STS seminar, some of the patterns and arguments were so familiar that i began to feel the question disappear. It is the tension between different positions that makes questions appear. But familiar and standard answers make them disappear.
I dont anymore feel like asking some questions.
But before i put them away...one last attempt..

Why does development theory not talk more to its practice? Maybe because people engaged in both build theory, and build practice, in very different places, within very clear hierarchies. So we have development theory builders, critical development thinkers and academics, on the field we have development practitioners who 'implement' such theory and development practitioners who dissent through their practice....and the knowledge each has is important to the other three...and there is a constant circulation of this knowledge...

Why does policy prescribe short term solutions?By definition isnt state policy supposed to be aboutlong term investment? Maybe because policy makers are as susceptible to the environmental pressures as any one else. so we have politicians who worry about their four year terms, and policies that can be implemented within those time frames; policies that change, but processes that stay mired in undemocratic ground.

How can we get out of representational politics? is that really democray? is participation more or less than representation?
More questions that are disappearing.....

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  1. excellent point about both building theory AND practice!

    both together produce contemporary praxis...