Monday, July 20, 2009

all roads lead to....

In a conversation with two musicians Bart and Sanne, of whom Bart was a fan of michael jackson, we debated what had 'made' the success and the failure that was michael jackson. Talking of idols, Bart said that Michael Jackson was an example of the human failure that was inherent in the moment of reaching for perfection...We watched videos of various performances, and the journey of a perfectionist who could not bear to disappoint his fans.
Talking of fans, Sanne said, dont forget that the idol and the fan make each other. There is no one without the other.

This turned my attention to the other duos that make each other...democracy and citizen; policy and representation; and development and as a broad supervisory guideline, one as an organic proces...
What happens when we use the same word to mean both? What slippages in understanding occur?Why does this happen?
More questions....

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